Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Development (17th to 20th Months)

By this age, your little one is able to speak well and you are able to see her qualities through her daily dealings. She is able to walk freely and run around.
She is able to grasp a crayon and scribble on paper.

She has started developing her personality and is quite self centered. She is anxious when you are upset and is afraid when she listens to raised voices of family members. She pretend plays with her toys.

She is learning a lot by observation. This is a precious time for parents, since they get to see what impact they really have on their child’s growth, health and actions.

How can you help?

Toddlers love to imitate adults, so use games as 'Follow the Leader', to get her physically active. This is a great time for encouraging the development of gross-motor coordination. You may place a mirror and teach her facial expressions while having fun.

Alphabet blocks can be a child's favorite toy. Start out with larger blocks and move your way towards the smaller ones. The smaller the blocks, the more control, children need to handle them. Be careful not to introduce blocks that are small and complicated for their age, else they will get frustrated and give up.

Try playing with Beads and Thread. This activity involves control and a steady hand. It is perfect practice for fine motor development.

Introduce new words, talk about different objects, their shaped and size, color.

Provide resources like play-dough or paper to tear, that can positively engage her.

To teach concepts through play, you may use a stack of plastic shapes and have them sorted by shape. Start with objects that are alike in every way but not size or color to teach dissimilarity.

Be happy with her development, as these precious moments will pass very soon.

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