Sunday, December 19, 2010


Self-dependence is one of the finest gifts parents can bestow on their children. To ensure that your children are independent, and are able take care of them selves wherever they are, as adults, is the major responsibility for any parent. Children whose parents encourage them by giving them freedom without being intrusive, and yet guiding them, only not only grow up be independent individuals, but also turn out to be dependable, contributing and winning adults in the future. But to make them independent and successful as adults, we need to start while they are young.


Encouraging independence in children should start from the early stages. Encouraging your child's urge for freedom and giving opportunities to do things on their own even if it means that they may not do perfectly or as per your expectations.


Let your children make decisions about things that directly affect them. Allow them the freedom to discover their surroundings and make sure you avoid doing things that curb their sense of enthusiasm. Allow them the freedom to think and act for themselves, even if they make mistakes. Allowing children to understand failure and accepting it's consequences, increases their ability of being self-sufficient.


Parents can be perfect role models to children. They need to be positive in their attitude and behavior as their children are constantly watching them. With time, parents can leave an influential impact on their child's life.


Parents should avoid regular interference. This helps children to build their confidence. Children who work their way through tough times, achieve personal goals, while considerably improving their decision making and problem solving skills, are likely to be better at decision making as adults.


Parents should supervise their child's growth from time to time. It is vital to make a note of their developments, and encourage their interests. This means keeping a close check to determine whether they are headed in the right direction, and inspire them with positive feedbacks.


Celebration of achievement can be very encouraging. Children enjoy the thrill of being successful, however small the achievement may be; it gives them the chance to share their happiness with their family and encourages them to be successful in the future.

My mother taught me what I know has been my best lesson. By holding me she guaranteed that she would always be with me and by cheering me, she assured that I could believe in myself and can manage of my own. She taught me that when I fall, I can pull myself up and start again. Her faith and trust in me has helped me become an independent and an emotionally healthy individual.

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