Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bebo And Her Manners

This is a story of Bebo, a small girl, who lives in a town called Mellow.

One day, Bebo forgets her manners at the door. She does not say “hello" anymore! She does not say “please” when she asks her mother to pass the pastries. She forgets to say “thank you" to her father, after he ties the shoe laces for her. She even pushes her brother Boo, and hurts his knee, and does not say “excuse me!”

So Bebo’s mother, makes her sit in a corner and says “It’s high time that you stop acting rude”. Mother explains, “People who care, talk nicely to each other; they use good manners with their father and mother. We love our family, and we care for others, so do not forget your manners even with others"

“I’m sorry,” said Bebo, with her face little sad. “But, now on, I will remember my manners wherever I go. I will be the most polite girl you know!”

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