Friday, January 7, 2011

Boo Learns About Honesty the Hard Way

Story for the Day:

Boo Learns About Honesty the Hard Way

One day, Boo’s friends asked him to play in a football game. “Do you know how to play?” they asked. “Sure. I’m great at football” said Boo.

But when the ball came to Boo, he didn’t know how to pass it to the other players. Boo ran up the football ground in the wrong direction. Then Boo kicked the ball into the wrong goal. He made a point for the other team! Boo’s friends lost the game because of Boo’s mistakes. "You let us down, Boo!” one of the players said. “You told us you were a great football player!”

Boo sat on the sidelines. He had lied to his friends. He didn’t know how to play football at all! Now his friends wouldn’t trust him anymore. If only he had told the truth.

Maybe it wasn’t too late. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t honest about being a great football player! The truth is, I’ve never played football before,” Boo told his friends. “It’s OK, Boo,” said Boo’s friends. “We’ll teach you how to play.”

And that’s when Boo learned that it was always better to be honest.

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