Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boo learns to tell the Truth

As parents, it needs a lot of patience in teaching the right values to our little ones. Values of being fair, respectful, of sharing and caring, of being responsible etc. form the foundation of a child's character. Throughout the month of January, we shall be sharing a story each week, to help you reinforce the message in the story to your toddler in a meaningful way.


Boo Learns to Tell the Truth.

Once there was a boy named Boo, who liked to cook up stories. At times, he told tales about his encounters with ogres and champions, his fights with lions and tigers. In all his stories, Boo always came out to be the strongest and the bravest of all other children. If Boo knocked something over by chance, he would cook up a story about how someone attacked him, and how he fought his way out. Boo always did not tell the truth.

Boo’s friends never knew if his stories were real or not, so they stopped believing him and soon stopped playing with him.

One day, when Boo was coming to the school, a big street dog ran after him.

In the run, his bag, full of books, fell down on a puddle nearby.

It made him feel very sad and he started to cry.

His homework got stained. When he reached school and told his friends about what had happened, but nobody believed his story and all of his friends thought that he lied.

Then the teacher asked him to tell the true story.

The teacher said, “It’s important that you tell the truth, if you don’t want to lose the trust of your friends."

The teacher knew that today, Boo was not lying as she was standing on the opposite side of the street and had seen the entire event happening.

Boo learnt a lesson. He did not wish to lose his friends as he liked them, and so he decided to always tell the truth and never cook up stories.

Then onwards, he felt very good about himself.

Take care,
Happy New Year.

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