Friday, January 28, 2011


In a meadow, there was a giant oak tree. It had several acorn nuts. One day, one of the nuts fell to the ground and started to grow. But, it grew very slowly. "I want to grow up fast like other plants" the seed complained. “I don’t want to take so long to grow". So the seed started to work hard, to grow big and strong. It grew a tough, dark brown trunk. It stretched its branches and spread its leaves to catch sunlight so it could get bigger. Many years passed and the seed had grown into a strong, beautiful oak tree.

Finally, the tree grew new nuts. The squirrels in the meadow and the animals who lived nearby came to pick and eat the nuts. One day, one of it's nut, fell onto the rich brown earth, and started to grow. It complained to the giant oak tree, "I want to grow up fast".

"Be patient, little seed", whispered the fine strong tree. “In time, only if you are patient, you will grow into a beautiful tree."

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