Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making the time spent with your little ones, 'enjoyable'.

At times, it is difficult for parents to spend all day with their little ones without getting bored or worn out very quickly. Here are a few tips that may help you make those testing times interesting;

Be enthusiastic:

Your enthusiasm is crucial. Your child can sense your mood. Playing with your little one half heartedly will not help. If you are not interested in a toy or activity, then it will not be interesting for her too. Haven't you noticed how children always want to play with toys that others are interested in playing with?


Laugh and be silly. Once you start being silly and funny, you won't have to think of what to do next, as the fun will follow.

Active participation:

Instead of just watching what your toddler does, engage her in an activity that you start yourself. For e.g. you may ask her to line up all the toy cars for a motorcade or have her put her dolls in a cheerleading pyramid or may ask her to put all the blocks in a bucket and then dump them out like a dump truck.

Go back in time:

Think about something that you wish you could have done when you were a child. Here's your chance to do it! Did you always want to play with your sisters favorite doll and comb the dolls hair or wanted to play with your brothers truck collection? Start doing all that and you will see that your little one will be eager to join.

Allocate responsibilities:

Give her a task. Ask her to bring all of the magazines over to you and keep them at place. Or see if she can stack all of her board books in a pile. Every time she completes a task, celebrate with a hi-five or a tickle session.

Take a break:

After your toddler starts to play on her own, keep a magazine nearby and take a reading break while she is busy playing. She'll let you know when she needs your attention, interaction, or direction. Till then, relax.

Hug and kiss:

Give hugs and kisses. It is fun to add some affection into daily activities. You'll enjoy the hugs and your child will too. You'll build a bond that will be life long. And it will make her want to interact with you all the more and have fun at the same time.

Children want to have fun all the time, but they want an adult's guidance and interaction to make it enjoyable. Otherwise, they will bounce off the walls wondering what to do with themselves. And that is going to be difficult for both of you.

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