Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother Nature

Nature gives a child a sense of wonder and a joy of discovery. Teaching a child about nature can be as easy as exploring your own backyard or spending a day on a nature trail.

Bringing the wonders of nature into a child’s realm is easy. Even the busiest city has creeping, crawling creatures and things that bloom and bud. Experiencing nature will make your child understand scientific facts which cannot be just explained through books. Children who are exposed early to nature and it's beauty develop an attitude of respect towards environment. The first step in getting any child interested in nature is to educate her about the world around her.

Ways to help your little one get interested in the natural world can be :

Nature walks -
Take your child frequently to the park or the garden around the house explaining about birds, clouds, trees, soil etc. Children need no encouragement to love nature; everything for them is magical and interesting. The bugs, flowers, the bees, all capture their imagination.

Gardening -
Encourage your child to help you in maintaining the garden, talking about pesticides, tools, water sprinklers, fertilizers, etc. Maintaining a small garden, or just watering plants can be a very satisfying and a fun filled activity.

Plant a tree -
Make your child sow seeds of plant. Tell her, it is her plant. Sit back and observe the way she takes care of it and enjoys watching it grow.

Eating Vegetables -
Growing, cooking and eating of vegetables from the kitchen garden can be very exciting. It can be a good chance to explain about the life cycles and the food chain that we are part of.

Short Hiking Trips -
Children love being in the woods. Short hiking trips into the wild, will produce life long memories of the sights, sounds, smells and sensations found there.

Plan family vacations -
Plan family vacations around national parks. These vacations are fun because the trails through them are easy and well worn.

Discuss and talk -
Share your sense of wonder, but without making it sound like a teaching session.

When you have managed to get the little ones interested in the natural world, it is easy to encourage them to protect and respect it. Talk to them about garbage recycle. With older kids, you can talk about how we can protect our planet, and do our bit, within our neighborhood and on a larger scale. You may well be amazed by some of the innovative ideas they come up with and enjoy putting them in practice.

Have a nice day.

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