Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Solar System

Toddlers love to gaze at the night sky . The moon is the favorite object of admiration for most little ones. Just by standing in the moonlit night and showing the changing shape of the moon and disappearing stars will kindle your child's interest in the solar system.

To get your little ones curious about the Solar System:

~ Get some glowing stars and planets to decorate your kids room. Stars and planets are the easily available decorating themes for children’s rooms. Try getting their night clothes and bedspreads with star and moon prints.

~ Try showing them the various constellations in books, and whenever you get lucky, show them in the sky. Start by explaining them the names of the various constellations and then their formations. It can get very interesting.

~ Visit the planetarium. It will be an enjoyable learning trip. Although they may not understand much, they will be fascinated by the magnitude and movement of the stars and constellations.

~ Explain the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun, and how it determines the weather and the seasons. Some children will get very interested in the weather and the seasons, which will give you an opportunity to show them books and answer all their questions.

~ The phases of the moon will not escape your child’s notice. Spend some time finding simple explanations to their questions. This can be a good time to introduce the clock and the calendar to your child.

A little knowledge about the Solar System can take your child's imagination, a very long way.

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