Sunday, May 30, 2010

the story of zat, the cat

I have been teaching my big A to read since a couple of months. He does not go to pre-school and hence these activities keep him positively engaged. It all started with teaching the sound of the individual letters and then the reading of 3 letters words with the help of illustrated word cards, and then the reading aloud of individual sentences. The final stage to this, is the reading of a small short silly sentences, making a small booklet.

I prefer the term "illustration cards", to "flash cards", as I feel that these cards are not to be flashed, rather shown at ease and even given to the child to play and color. This fun filled exercise will be beneficial to the child, when compared to the "flashing" of the word card.

Krupa wrote the matter of Zat, the Cat for Aryan, and then I made a booklet. The sentences may not be always grammatically correct, but the purpose of the child being able to read by himself, is very much achieved. Here is a small video of the reading session.

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