Monday, September 10, 2012

A happy Mom.

It feels like yesterday when Aryan started going to a neighborhood preschool. And these 2 years have been just beautiful. But the task of getting him enrolled to a regular school, far from home, where he would be spending a major part of his day, was a daunting one. I had a few requirements. The school shouldn't be too far away from home. I hate the prospect of children traveling many kilometers just to reach the school. Secondly, I did not want a huge set up for my child, where among 100's of classmates, his identity will most likely be lost. Children flourish in comparatively small setups where the teacher student ratio is healthy and where the teacher gets a chance to know and understand her students. After months and months of stressful days and sleepless nights, one cold december evening on my way back home, I came across a huge hoarding that announced the opening of Geetanjali olympiad school on Sarjapur road. It felt like Santa was generous this Christmas.

Very soon, we decided to have a look at the school. After spending some time studying the curriculum, the fee structure and the teacher student ratio, we finally enrolled Aryan with Geetanjali Olympiad School.

Today, it has been almost 2 months since he started going to Geetanjali. And I am a happy parent. I got a chance to spend a day at the school and make a few observations. Let me share them with you.

The Team:

The Geetanjali Educational Institution is founded by Shri P. Srinivisa Rao, who aims to accommodate the school with world class education along with latest technological amenities. The Bangalore school division is headed by Mr. Gurajala Jagan Rao and Mrs. Sireesha.

Mrs. Bela Murthy, the school principal, is an intelligent and a charming lady. She brings with her the knowledge and the work experience from other reputed schools like NPS, Dhirubhai Ambani School and India International. She quit her corporate career and is dedicated to the field of education.

Ms Shilpa K is the vice-principal of the school, but it would be apt to call her the face of the school. Extremely friendly, she is very much approachable by parents, and deals with the functioning of the school meticulously. I very much appreciate her open mindedness when dealing with children and their problems.

The teachers are well trained as per the x-seed curriculum. I found them to be very kind and loving towards students. Every class room has a subject teacher and an assistant teacher. Emphasis is laid on giving personal attention to every student.

Curriculum and Education:

The school follows CBSE syllabus. The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child. Olympiads exams are mandatory for all students, beginning from class 1 and a lot of emphasis is laid on every student’s participation. The lessons are project based. Children are not burdened by too much home work and are encouraged to learn using a hands on approach. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards. The teacher student ratio is very good and teachers are very involved with the students. Every student gets personal attention and the teacher parent communication levels are very high. The school policies are very transparent and clear.


The school building is spread over 2 acres. The campus is child friendly. The classrooms are spacious and airy. As the school is new, some of the facilities are under construction. The computer lab, auditorium and the library hall is ready, while the swimming pool, basketball area, and the play area for children will be ready soon.


All class rooms are equipped with CCTV and Smartboards.
Housekeeping, Sports and Dance based activities are done in coordination with professional agencies.
The fee structure is affordable when compared to other high end schools in Bangalore.
The transport facilities are up to the mark too.


Geetanjali Olympiad school in Bangalore is in its infancy. Most of the facilities are ready and the remaining ones are due to be completed shortly. Given a couple of months to settle down, I think the school campus will be complete soon. The school is very well located. Surrounded by IT offices and premium residential buildings, it is bound to be popular among young parents in the Sarjarpur Outer Ring road area very soon. The school team is dedicated and hardworking and the future looks to be very promising.

All these reasons, and many many more, make me a happy parent for having chosen this school for Aryan.