Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to develop Active Listening Skills!

A child’s ability to actively listen has a major impact on building the communication skills needed both inside and outside of the classroom.
Active listening is an important “soft skill”, like problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. It’s a skill that can be acquired and developed — but it takes time and patience to master!

Try these activities to help develop and sharpen your child’s listening skills.

1. Read stories to your child -  Ask him or her to predict what will happen next. The prediction requires your child to listen to the details to make a logical guess.

2. Cook with your child - Read the recipe to him or her, having your child listen to and follow each step to complete the recipe correctly.

3. Get creative with “follow the directions"- Give short, simple instructions and have your child draw according to the directions they hear.

4. Enjoy telling jokes & encourage  re-telling of them.

5. Take time to answer your child's question- model being a good listener!!