Saturday, July 31, 2010

A a B b C c ...

With this post, we come to an end of the phonics festival. Throughout this month, we've learned the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. This is the first step towards reading. Next, we will learn the sounds of a consonant and a vowel combined.

As a parent, you can try and make the learning of alphabet sounds interesting. You may pick up your child's favorite toy or snack and ask him, with what sound does it begin with? Or may be you have a silly rhyme day, where your child can sing the rhyme of a particular letter sound throughout the day, and then may include many more words from his surroundings, that start with that alphabet sound.

The aim behind these activities is to teach a child to read confidently at an early age. Reading at an early age kindles his interest in books, increases his understanding and hence boosts his confidence. When this task is undertaken by a parent, it also improves the parent-child bonding and learning becomes a fun filled and memorable activity. And hence, the results are just fantastic!

My big A now enjoys reading level 3 books from the series, "Now I'm reading" by Nora Gaydos. These wonderful books help him read with confidence, while improving his vocabulary skills.

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