Sunday, July 4, 2010

alphabet recognition

Alphabet recognition is a prerequisite to using phonics to learn reading. Let me show you how you can reach this important milestone before you can start using phonics.

I always felt that my big A knew his ABC very well, until I mixed the uppercase and lower case letters and then asked him to identify them. I realized he knew his alphabets well only when a specific sequence was followed. In other words, he was using patterns to remember the letters. Changing the pattern he knew, left him confused.

Besides doing the regular stuff such as putting up an alphabet chart in his room, and getting cute ABC books, I employed a few other activities to bring in more variety that helped develop his alphabet recognition skills.

Wooden Blocks

Alphabet Mats

Foam Bath Alphabet

Fridge Magnet Alphabet

Color the Alphabet

Also, reading of alphabets at odd places like...
  • Billboards
  • Cars number plates
  • Truck backs
  • Fast food joints

Help your child create his own alphabet book using pictures of things that he is really fond of! Only after your child can recognize letters of the alphabet well, should he be introduced to their sounds.

Starting tomorrow, we will bring a letter daily and play with it's sound.

A letter a day,
Keeps reading issues at bay!

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