Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Initial Months (0 - 4 months)

Between 0 and 4 months, your baby is growing day by day. She is able to see clearly, responds to your voice by moving her head, is interested in her surroundings, can recognise you and other people around and is getting familiar with her body. This is the age where you can help her develop her "Social and Handling Skills".
  • Sing songs, lullabies to her, holding her at a distance from where she can see you clearly.
  • Encourage her to hold a toy/rattle in her hand. Feel her palms and foot. Touch, tickle and massage her at times.
  • Try using the baby gym to make her reach out toys, and place toys at near by distance where she can reach out.
  • Always maintain an eye contact with her while feeding, playing or talking.
  • Mirror is one wonderful object to make your baby recognise her own body and facial expressions. Placing a mirror in front of your baby (at a safe distance) and letting her observe herself, can be an interesting activity for her.
  • Babies are attracted to bright colours. You may use bright coloured toys and objects to grab her attention and let her play with them.
  • Play peek a boo. This game can be a good learning experience of the fact that an object can be around even if it is hiding temporarily This games is very popular with babies and parents, and can be fun till the age of 2 and even later.
  • Try having a special walk with your baby everyday. Take her to the open and communicate with her while you are strolling around with her. Always remember to hug and kiss your little one often.
These activities help increasing your child awareness of her surroundings a while strengthening the parent-child bond.

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