Friday, August 20, 2010

Vowel 'e'

Last week, we talked about the vowel-consonant combination with the vowel 'a'. The next step is to learn the combination with the vowel 'e'.

The vowel e can be combined with consonants such as  d, g, n, r, and t.

Make flash cards using these combination.
  • e + d = ed (as in bed)
  • e + g = eg (as in beg)
  • e + n = en (as in ben)
  • e + r = er (as in her)
  • e + t = et (as in bet)

Put your finger on 'e' and say the /e/ sound aloud and then slide it on 'd' and say the /d/ sound and finally sliding it on 'ed' and saying /ed/ aloud.

Once your child is thorough with one combination, move on to another one. After teaching all the above combination of vowel 'e', ask your child to read them aloud at random.

Do this exercise daily, for almost one week, till your little one is thorough with all the combination.

Next week, we shall discuss the combination with vowel 'i'.

Have a nice weekend.

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