Thursday, December 16, 2010


A child begins to recognize shapes around two years. Ways to help your child learn shapes easily:

1. Start visual learning through play with shape sorter toys. As the child plays, call out the names of each shape. Encourage repetition.

2. Prepare colorful shapes using dough. Involve your child. Make the shapes and then, name and match them.

3. Cut out various shapes from newspaper or color papers. Prepare a collage using the various shapes.

4. Talk to your child about shapes while he eats, plays. "The shape of the sandwich you are eating, is triangle", "Your car's wheel is a circle".

5. Singing beautiful 'shape' rhymes, "Round is a pancake, Sammy is square, Tommy is a triangle" are a few such examples which are helpful.

6. Hide several objects of different shapes around the room. Let your child search and recognize them.

These methods will help to make your child recognize shapes faster.

By Ms Shreya Dhruv.
Shreya is a teacher at kindergarten classes of K. J. Bhalodia School at Rajkot, Gujarat.

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