Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 'o' family

Following our regular study pattern, we shall learn the words of the 'o' family.

Write down 'ob' in colored ink, on a flash card. Then, write down individual consonants as c, j, r and s on separate flash cards. After doing so, place the 'c' flash card in front of the 'ob' card and read aloud the word, 'cob'.

c + ob = cob

Now, replace the 'c' flash card with the 'j' flash card to make the word 'job'. Say it aloud several times, till your child is able to blend 'j' and 'ob' sounds to make word 'job'.

j + ob = job

By the end of this excercise, your child should be able to read these words with ease:-

Cob, Job, Rob, Sob.

Cod, God, Nod, Pod, Rod.

Dog, Fog, Hog, Job, Log.

Hop, Mop, Top.

Cot, Dot, Got, Hot, Not, Pot.

Ox, Box, Fox.

Cow, Now.

Boy, Toy, Joy.

The 'O' sound:

Story for the Day:

I am a boy.
I have got a box.
There is a toy in the box.
The toy is a top.
The top hops on the cot.
Then the top got in the pot.
Is the pot hot?
No. The pot is not hot.
Oh no,
Do not sob.

Take care.
Wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

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