Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 'Sw' Blend.

Consonant clusters or blends are two or three consonants that appear together in a word with each consonant retaining its sound when blended.

Write the blend 'Sw' set of words on individual cards. Underline the blend in every word. Explain your child that the set of two letters that needed to be spelt together or blended and help him in reading the first few words. Once he is comfortable reading individual words and recognizes the reading pattern, encourage him to read the story under your supervision.

Words for the 'Sw' blend:

Swallow, Swamp, Swarm, Sway
Sweet, Sweat, Swept
Swim, Swine, Swift.

Reading for the 'Sw' blend:

Sweety, the sweet Swallow.

Sweetie was a sweet little Swallow
Who loved to swing all day.

She loved to see the fish swim,
She liked sound of the swine.

She loved the swamps,
She liked the insect swarms.

She loved to see the branch sway,
She liked the feel of the swift wind.

She loved to sweat in the sun,
She liked the sweet light of the moon.

Sweetie was a sweet little swallow,
Who let her heart swept away.

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