Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Development (4 to 8 months)

When your baby is between 4 to 8 months, your baby learns new skills by imitation. She learns by studying your face, your eyes, and your expressions. She has almost gained head-control. She can bear her weight on her tummy. She understands her surroundings better and communicates through her own sweet language of smiles, bubbles, and laughter. She has started knowing more about herself, can recognize her name, her family, her body and has better control over her body movements.

You can help your child develop better during this period by engaging her in a few of such activities.

  • Call her by her name all the time.
  • Introduce her to people in the neighborhood so that she gets used strangers, make friends and does not suffer stranger anxiety.
  • Play rocking games by placing her on your lap.
  • Blow raspberries on her tummy while playing and encourage her making the similar sound.
  • Get a soft ball, roll it around and encourage her to crawl and catch it.
  • Imitate all the sounds that she makes, and make use of those toys which make different types of sounds.
  • Play a lot of water games in the bath tub. Tickle her, move fingers on her feet, and splash some water to make it fun.
  • Read aloud. Start with board books, which are short and sturdy.

Next week, we will talk about the development between the age of 8 to 12 months.

Take care.

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