Friday, September 24, 2010


Write down the letters 'ad' in colored ink on a flash card. Then, write down individual consonants as b, d, f, h, l, m, p, and s on separate flash cards. After doing so, place the 'b' flash card in front of the 'ad' card and read aloud the word, 'bad'.

b + 'ad' = bad

Now, replace the 'b' flash card with the 'd' flash card to make the word 'dad'. Say it aloud several times, till your child is able to blend 'd' and 'ad' sounds to make the word 'dad'

d + 'ad' = dad

Now replace 'd' flash card with 'f' flash card, and repeat the exercise.

f + 'ad' = fad

This exercise should be repeated with all the listed consonants and by the end of this excercise, your child should be able to read these words with ease :


You may have small reading test by asking your child to read these flash cards at random.

Dolch Words or Sight Words

Dolch words or Sight words are words that cannot be read using the letter-sound relationship, and may not follow phonic rules. They have to be learnt by sight and children have to memorize their spellings. Children, being great visual learners, can learn a lot of these simple words very easily.

Sample lesson

Write the word The on a flash card. Hand it to your child, and tell him that whenever you see word,The, say /the/. Try and show him The at various places like newspapers, billboards etc.

Dolch word for the day: Is

Once your child is confident reading all the above words, make some silly sounding stories, for the reading session to be a fun experience. Go slow. Once the session is over, practice it daily. By the end of the week, you will observe that your child is quite comfortable reading the story himself.

Silly Story for 'Ad'



Dad had a lad.

Lad had a pad.

Lad is mad.

Lad is bad.

Dad is sad.

Bad bad lad,
Mad mad lad,
Sad sad dad!

Have a nice weekend.

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