Friday, October 8, 2010


Let's learn the 'Am' family. Write down the letters 'am' in colored ink on a flash card. Then, write down individual consonants as d, h, j and r on separate flash cards. After doing so, place the 'd' flash card in front of the 'am' card and read aloud the word, 'dam'.

d + am = dam

Now, replace the 'd' flash card with the 'h' flash card to make the word 'ham'. Say it aloud several times, till your child is able to blend 'h' and 'am' sounds to make the word 'ham'.

h + am = ham

This excercise should be repeated with all the listed consonants and by the end of this exercise, your child should be able to read these words with ease :


You may have reading test by asking your child to read these flash cards at random.

Sight words for the day:


Silly Story for the day:

This is a Dam.

This is a Ham.

This is Jam.

This is a Ram.

Ram on the dam.

Ram on the Ham.

Jam on the Ram.

Jam and Ram.

Dam and Ram.

Ham and Ram.

Good Night, Sam.

Have a nice weekend!

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