Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A child's color awareness develops around 18 months. If a child receives proper guidance and help from the parents, it becomes very easy for him to recognize colors. 
Ways to help your child recognize colors :- 

1) Buying toys that have bright colors. Showing different toys or objects of same color so that he can recognize the color family easily.

2) Start with teaching the primary colors like red, yellow and blue, and later adding the secondary colors. 

3) Talk about colors in your daily routine, for example, "I have a red ball" or "Will you wear a yellow shirt or a black shirt?"

4) Point and show as many different colors to your little one as possible. Take him to park and show green plants, red flowers etc. Walk on zebra crossing to show white and black stripes.

5) Play color games. Let your child play with colorful blocks and ask him to point different colors while he plays.

6) Have a red-week or green-week, where you teach your child only one color throughout the week. Repetition will definitely help.

These methods will definitely help to make your child's little world colorful.

By Shreya Dhruve ( Guest Blogger)
Miss Shreya is a teacher at kindergarten classes of K. J. Bhalodia School at Rajkot, Gujarat.

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