Monday, January 17, 2011


The basics of mathematics start with the learning and understanding of numbers. You may want to start teaching numbers when your child is about two years old.

Ways to help your child recognize numbers:

1) Prepare individual flash card for every number. Show different number flash cards everyday. Continue doing so till the child is able to recognize numbers with ease.

2) Let your child have fun in the kitchen by counting potatoes, spoons, cups etc.

3) Number posters come in a different varieties and sizes and are of great help. Stick number charts wherever you can point and show numbers frequently throughout day.

4) Rhymes, songs and videos appeal to children. Use these mediums to teach numbers.

5) Playing number games would not only help your child learn numbers easily but would also lead to a better understanding of numbers.

These methods will certainly help your child in recognition of numbers.

By Ms Shreya Dhruv.
Shreya is a teacher at kindergarten classes of K. J. Bhalodia School at Rajkot, Gujarat.

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