Saturday, February 19, 2011

Phonics : The long vowel sound /e/.

A long vowel sound is the one that says its name.

E.g :

/a/ as in cake
/e/ as in elect
/i/ as in bike
/o/ as in note
/u/ as in cute

The long vowel /e/ words used in today's story are :

feat, deal, eat, pea, tea, read, seal, meal,

Sample word 'Beat' :

Following our regular study pattern, write the word on 'seal' on a plain card. Start by saying the /s/ sound. As you slide your fingers from the letter 's' to the letter 'e', lay stress on the long vowel sound of /e/. Keeping the two vowel sound rule on your mind, skip the /a/ sound and directly pronounce the /l/ sound.

The Two Vowel Rule :

When the two vowels sit next to each other in a single word, the first vowel says it's name, (that is, the long sound), and the second vowel remains silent. There are exceptions in this rule, but they need not be taught at this stage.

So, when you pronounce the word 'Seal', vowel 'e' will say it's long sound, while vowel 'a' will remain silent.

Story for the long vowel sound /e/:

The Deal with the Seal.

I have a Seal
It can do a feat.
It can read.
I give it a deal.
It has to eat a pea in his meal.
The Seal eats the pea.
I will give it some tea.
The Seal has a big meal.

Take care.

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