Sunday, March 6, 2011

Go, go, go.

A long vowel sound is the one that says its name.

E.g :
/a/ as in cake
/e/ as in elect
/i/ as in bike
/o/ as in note
/u/ as in cute

The long vowel /o/ words used in today's story are :

go, road, lone, roam, moan, own, boat, goal, hope, home, rose, gold.

Sample word ' road ' :

Following our regular study pattern, write the word on 'road' on a plain card. Start by saying the /r/ sound. As you slide your fingers from the letter 'r' to the letter 'o', lay stress on the long vowel sound of /o/. Keeping the two vowel sound rule on your mind, skip the /a/ sound and directly say the /d/ sound. Repeat this exercise with all the above listed words.

You may write the long vowel in a different color than the rest of the letters, or mark it with a diacritical mark called a macron (¯), so that it is easy for child to recognize the long vowel sound.

Story for the long vowel sound /o/:

Go, go, go.
The road is lone.
Do not roam.
Do not moan.
Go on your own.
Go row your boat.
Get your goal.
Have hope.
You will be home.
You are a rose.
You are gold.
Go, go, go.

Take care.

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